UNIT - Quality Culture

The Quality Culture
Quality Management Systems UNIT-ISO 9000

Why a Quality Management System in accordance with UNIT-ISO 9000 Standards?

What for?

  • to achieve more efficient processes
  • to prevent mistakes through the reduction of reprocesses and waste during and after production
  • to achieve efficiency among labor forces, equipment and materials, cutting down expenses
  • to provide customers with products and services that fulfill requirements and meet clients\' satisfaction
  • to improve image and confidence within the market, increasing in that way the value of the product
  • in short, to improve productivity, and therefore competitiveness


  • improving data documentation system \"know-how\".  Checking the documentation processes in order to fulfill standards, find out weaknesses, inefficiencies and detect lost opportunities
  • training people in the implementation of UNIT-ISO 9000 standards, promoting quality culture in the organization and improving employees\' satisfaction
  • integrating this system to other existing systems, particularly the environmental management (UNIT-ISO 14000) and occupational safety and health management  (UNIT 18000)


  • the Quality Management Systems supply the framework for the Total Quality Management and the Continual Improvement
  • clients and regulation organisms require it
  • \"world class\" organizations do it

The Cámara Mercantil de Productos del País is an active member of UNIT. In the Web Site of this Institution, you can find wide information about topics related to Quality (Training, Certification, Standardization, Publications, etc.)



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