President's Message

The President of the Cámara Mercantil de Productos del País (Chamber of Commerce and Exports of Agriproducts), Mr. Ángel Eduardo Díaz, warmly welcomes you to our web site.

Our Institution was founded on January 1891. It is the trade federation with over 100 years of existence that represents the agricultural, agrifood and agroindustrial commerce in Uruguay, locally as well as in the international markets.

The volumes traded by our associates are a relevant share of the overall international trade of our country.

We are certain that free trade is an important contribution to the well being of the entire Uruguayan society. Therefore, and throughout its history, our Chamber has always defended this principle.

Free trade is the main guide to our national and international actions. Thus our active participation in commercial missions, in promoting close contacts with trade federations of other countries and in international trade forums towards the objective of developing better trade flows between Uruguay and the rest of the world.

We also firmly believe in the relevance of open dialogue between the different sectors of our society. In this line, and as to empower similar ideas and objectives, we are always open, and we dedicate a great part of our efforts to the exchange of opinions and cooperation with the Government, as well as with other trade federations.

Part of our mission also includes the support to new managing, agricultural and agroindustrial technologies and information, and the opening of general access to them both. Thus we regularly provide agrimarkets and agroindustrial information and news, national and international production and trade statistics, S&D inquiries etc.

Regarding administrative support, our Chamber is one of the three Uruguayan private institutions officially authorized to issue certificates of origin and intervene international documents and to keep official registration of acts of commerce.

We appreciate your kind visit to our web site. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

Please accept our best regards.

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