• Advise to the associate enterprises in the legal, labor, tributary, previsional and economic areas.  The needs of raising proposals and analyzing government resolutions is based on a staff of high level consultants specialized in law, international commerce and agro topics.
  • Coordinates business missions within the country and outside the country.
  • Advise in matters of international trade to associates and to state offices, with technical support.  Advise on international commerce controversies and technical arbitrage.
  • Issuing Certificates of Origin for export of goods according to the faculties given by the national authorities:  Mercosur, Aladi, Generalized System of Preferences, etc.
  • Elaborates studies and reports about the agroindustrial activity in general.
  • Transference and promotion of information and technology.
  • Administrates Registries of public interest:  wool, livestock consignees, according to legal dispositions.
  • Available Library and Video Collection.
  • Has extensive premises for conferences, seminars and business meetings.
  • Weekly information services containing reports about market situations and quotations on agroindustrial products plus interesting news for the business sector and studies elaborated by the staff of consultants.
  • Our Prices Information Commissions present quotations of different markets that help as an orientation for the public and private sectors when making decisions, determining tributes, certifying product values, paying agro-rents or fixing prices for businesses:  wool and tops, livestock, cereals, oilseeds, forage, balanced feeds, fruits, vegetables, skin, seeds, flour, rice and agricultural products in general.
  • By order of the Dirección General Impositiva, our Institution is the Entity responsible for the Registration of Contracts of the operations mentioned in Articles 42 and 43 of the Law 18083 in reference to the Transfer Pricing Regime.
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